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Connie Who we are:

Kramer-Smilko, Inc. has served the print sourcing and distribution market for more than 20 years. The software platform we have built, sold and supported now processes more than one billion dollars in annual sales for our customer base. We have a strong presence in health care, banking, finance and insurance providing very sophisticated e-commerce based supply chain management services. In addition to classic print management and distribution, we have integrated office supplies, print on demand, digital content management, one-to-one marketing, promotional products, 3rd party fulfillment and MRO inventory capabilities into our offerings. We continue to seek new relationships to enhance and expand these services under the brand name, Renaissance.
Renaissance Logo
What is Renaissance?

From new product development to tailored programs of sales consulting, workflow analysis, software services and support, Kramer-Smilko continually strives to identify new ways that it can assist its customers in managing the supply chain more efficiently.

Building on its long history and strong foundations of forms management and distribution services, Kramer-Smilko has produced a wide range of capabilities that enable the company to provide its customers, and their customers as well, with unique solutions that address their specific needs. These services are a means to improve quality, reduce costs and build strategic alliances in an environment increasingly focused on containing costs.
The obvious focus for cost containment and reduction has been the purchased product. However, there are few inefficiencies that remain in the pricing of commodities. Value added solutions, products and services that help you realize savings beyond price, are the source of our competitive differentiation. Renaissance identifies, quantifies and delivers added value by doing the following:

  • Performing needs assessments - we match your specific needs with the appropriate value added capabilities.
  • Develop total cost propositions - we analyze the workflow in your organization, comparing current costs with achievable savings.
  • Document value added solutions - we focus on your processes, expenditures and asset utilization and document the dollar impact on your bottom line.

    Renaissance, through a single ordering portal, provides you with:

  • Access to an entire supply chain for consumable products professionally managed and serviced by our distributor customers
  • and their production partners.
  • Integration of your ERP system for login verification, ordering and billing, including Ariba, SAP, PeopleSoft, Lawson, McKesson, as well as proprietary systems.
  • An order approval process and systemwide security that satisfies your auditing requirements.
  • Management reports that consolidate information for all products and services purchased, tracking usage and dollars expensed versus budget, by company, subsidiary, cost center, department and location including items purchased directly from 3rd parties.

    Why choose Renaissance?

    Web based solution - if you have a browser*, you have 24/7 access from anywhere, anytime, real-time.

    *Explorer6, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape6

    Single source procurement portal - order everything you need to operate your business through one site.

    Scalable sourcing - manage purchasing and/or distribution for specific items or categories of items of your choosing.

    Seamless systems integration - enter an order only once with ERP integration*, including "punchout" solutions. Click here for more information on Kramer-Smilko "Punchouts"

    * Ariba, SAP, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards and others

    Administrative Controls - establish a user hierarchy and approval process to manage all purchases in your organization.
  • Define catalog content by shopper profile that offers only items that shopper may order
  • Assign shoppers to cost centers, ship-to locations, departments and regions
  • Use P-cards for internal accounting purposes
  • Set purchase limits by shopper, ship-to location, department or cost center

    Content Management - use E-forms for low usage items requiring immediate usage and/or interactive data capture.
  • Control the dissemination of forms that require regulatory compliance in a timely manner
  • Smart forms that seamlessly integrate the entered data into your ERP system

    Order Management - customize your ordering process by shopper.
  • Create personal order lists by shopper to pre-fill an order
  • Create company lists to pre-fill an order
  • Allow shoppers to "park" orders for completion at a later time

    Delivery Management - minimize delivery times and freight charges by shipping from the nearest distribution facility in the supply chain.
  • Define carriers and shipping methods
  • Track shipments, real-time, online

    Management Reporting - design your reporting to fit your corporate needs.
  • Usage, Spend Management, Internal Chargebacks and timely inventory re-stocking
  • Available in pdf, printed, spreadsheet and customized formats

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